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Corona game rules

We do everything we can to make your visit to the museum as pleasant and safe as possible. What do we provide and what can you do?

The adjusted game rules:

  • Pay contactless at reception via Bancontact or Visa.
  • Wear your face mask during your entire visit. A face mask is obligatory as from 6 years old.
  • We provide disinfectant gels at various places in the museum and you also have the option to wash your hands on each floor.

Important changes to opening hours:

  • During the school holidays we are exceptionally open extra on Mondays.
  • During the Christmas holidays we are only closed on the following days:
    • Thursday December 24th and Friday December 25th.
    • Thursday December 31 and Friday January 1.
  • After the Christmas holidays we are open on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • The opening hours remain the same: from 10 am to 5 pm.
  • The cafeteria is open.


Are the cafeteria and games room accessible?
Yes, at the moment the cafeteria and games room are open.

Can I still fully discover the museum, even though I have limited mobility?
Sure! For people with reduced mobility, we make an exception to the one-way circulation, which means that you can take the lift from any floor.

Is the lift available to every visitor?
In principle, the lift is only used to get to the exit at the end of your visit. Of course we make an exception for people with reduced mobility as indicated above.


How can I pay? Is my discount still valid?
As always, you pay at the reception, preferably cashless and contactless. You can pay with Bancontact and Visa. Of course, discounts such as these through our subscription partners or through, for example, a teacher or student card are still valid. You can also pay with the paper and digital version of the Mechelen voucher.


Is there a maximum duration to discover the Toy Museum?
No, you can take the time to fully visit the museum. The average duration is 90 minutes.

Is there a different museum route?
The museum route is virtually unchanged, we have only made sure that only one-way traffic is possible. Follow the circulation arrows and take the stairs to the next floor.

Is there a cloakroom?
Bring as little as possible with you during your visit. The cloakroom is available and is regularly disinfected by our employees.

What do I take into account during my visit?

  • Avoid two-way traffic as much as possible by following the circulation arrows.
  • We ask you to strictly follow the rules of social distancing and to keep 1.5m distance from other visitors at all times.
  • On each floor there is a toilet room where you can wash your hands. Disinfectant gel is provided at various places in the museum.

Is the museum shop open?
Yes, the museum shop is open. Keep in mind that the shop is located at the start of your visit. Because of the one-way circulation, you can take the elevator from the third floor directly to the ground floor.

Did your question not come up?
Contact us via info@speelgoedmuseum.be