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Now on exhibit

Barbie: fashion muse for 60 years


From 27th JUNE till 30 NOVEMBER

LEGO 60 jaar


Discover the new temporary exhibit 'Barbie: fashion muse for 60 years' from the 27th of June

Take a stroll on the catwalk along 60 years of fashion history featuring iconic Barbies of the Toy Museum and private collectors.

Discover the impact of the world of fashion on the famous doll through outfits of the Hasselt Fashion Museum.

The design studio displays the dazzling miniature creations of some passionate designers.

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The LEGO brick: 60 years of creative constructing fun


Prolongued till September 30th

LEGO 60 jaar



The iconic LEGO brick celebrated its 60th birthday in 2018! LEGO appeared on the Belgian market exactly 60 years ago. On top of that the LEGO mini figurines as we know them today will have existed for 40 years in 2018. This triple birthday is an excellent opportunity to look back upon the highlights of the enriched history of the Danish toy brand.

The exhibition ‘The LEGO brick: 60 years of creative constructing fun’ is an interactive journey. Follow this popular toy along the road from its development process until its appearance in your local toy store. Discover how this toy encouraged people from several generations to be creative in the ‘living room’ and the ‘playroom’.

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